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Does Rachel really only photograph 50 seniors a year?
Yes! We really do photograph ONLY 50 seniors a year. So once we have booked all 50 seniors, our senior session spots are all gone and we have no more. Due to our limited amount of senior sessions available, we do require a $200 deposit before we can schedule your session and consultation date.

What about a guarantee?
We absolutely, positively guarantee that you will be thrilled with you portraits (not just satisfied) and we will do whatever is necessary to see that you are or we will cheerfully refund your money 100%. No hassles - no hard feelings.

I heard that Rachel is expensive. Is that true?
We are a full service boutique studio offering a wide variety of products that our seniors LOVE, including:

  • Graduation Announcements - Each is handmade so no two are ever alike!
  • Metal prints - Yep, we can print on metal and it looks awesome!!
  • Photo Jewelry - Moms and Grandmas love these!
  • Licence plates - these are so cool. And they are also on metal!
  • Gallery Wraps - beautiful art pieces for the wall.
  • Custom Art Pieces - like our famous Montage Art!
  • ArtBooks - When you love ‘em all! Each book is completely unique and no two are ever alike. EVER!

So if you hear that we are expensive, it’s true. Because all our clients want everything we offer!

Is retouching included? 
Yes! Most retouching is included at no extra cost. Blemishes, most stray hairs, trimming waist lines, most background flaws and other enhancements are included. The only retouching that is a little bit extra are braces removal, eye glasses glare, and removing tan lines. When you are making your final selections, you will have the opportunity to give us any retouching request you might have.

My friend had her pictures done by a “newer & cheaper” photographer and they didn’t turn out all that great. How do I know that I will love my pictures?
As one of the only experienced photographers in the area and the only photographer in Newberg who regularly attends both state and national photography conferences, Rachel is always on top of new trends, new techniques, new technology, and new products to ensure that your portraits will be both beautiful and unique. We know that you are one of a kind and we are here to help you look your best!